APG Infotech has been promoted by creative people and the engineers having innovation and creative attitude to keep pace with the global developments in the field of Office and Home Automation.

Our Quality Policy

With the strong belief in Technology - Quality - Response - Delivery performances could lead to subsequent jobs securing from & through existing customers, we are committed to deliver quality systems as per the agreed delivery time along with good response

  Basic Facilities
  - Light, Fan, Curtain, HVAC, Timer
  Extended Facilities
  - Rain, Lux-level, Air Quality, Temperature, Appliances, AV, Water
  Security & Access Control
  - RF-ID, Intruder Detection, X-Ray Scanners, Car-park, CC-TV, VDP
  Emergency Management
  - Fire Security, Exit Guidance, Hooters, Public Address System, Medical Emergency
  Energy Efficiency & Lighting Design
  - Power Savers, Daylight Saving, Solar Panels, Micro Wind Mills, Avoid Overlapping
  Control, Visualization, Logging & Reporting
  - Remote, Mobile, PDA, PC, Web Site, VPN, Functional Control
  Central / Zonal / Remote Monitoring
  - Switch, Remote, Internet, VPN, PDA, Touchscreen
  SMART INTEGRATION with Programmability
  - Modular, No Central Processor, Simple Bus Wiring
  • Availability of experienced technical team, having experience of not less then 8 years, about programming & implementation of Low Voltage Systems. Also having practical knowledge of High Voltage wiring.
  • Successful project completion.
  • Cost affective solution from Germany.
  • Cross-platform integration capability. (KNX, LON, EnOcen, Bacnet, IR, Wifi)
  • Showroom in key areas of India to let customer experience the solution to feel the advantage & power.
  • Strong marketing team, having good knowledge about products as well as good relation with architects in Mumbai, which is financial capital of India.
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